Swimmers must carry all their equipment from start to finish. All equipment, including nutrition and the likes, must be marked with the name of the particpant or the name of the team.


Mandatory equipment for each pair:
● At least one first aid pressure bandage packed in waterproof packaging
● A wetsuit suitable for the prevailing conditions and neoprene booties/protective footwear or appropriate shoes.
● If the water temperature is colder than 12 degrees celsius (53.6 F), the jury can mandate that a neoprene hoody and neoprene gloves must be worn.
● Every participant must have a whistle, 1 space blanket/team, and a functioning mobile phone/pair.
● Each pair must have at least one swim buoy (brightly colored), that is fixed to the swimmer with a line.
● The participants are to use the swim cap provided by the organizer throughout the entire duration of the course. An additional swim/neoprene cap is allowed, if it is worn under the provided swim cap.

Recommended equipment:

● Neoprene hat (if the water is cold)
● Swimrun rope

Prohibited equipment:

● Snorkels
● Flippers
● Paddles
● Pull Buoys

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